Monday, March 4, 2013

Crazy thing called life

I know it has been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and write.... Life has been crazy in our house. We have finished Basketball  and  competition season so things in the dance department have slowed down some. But we are now on our way to starting Volleyball Season for KE and still in the midst of Tennis with AM so life is still super busy. I am getting married in 9 days and am totally excited I never really thought I would remarry after the other one was such a miserable fail and so I figured it just want in the cards for me. I guess we will see how this one goes. I am truly scared to death about it to be honest I am so afraid I am going to mess it up. Also our Landlord has decided to sell the house that we live in so I am back to hunting for a rental house that we like and is close to the kids school but I did find a guy who is willing to help us find a house to buy hopefully next year when we get a tax return. I am so glad that the kids are home for good and that they have to spend as little time with their dad as possible. The kids are extremely happy about this. So on the weight lose front I started Weight Watchers and I am in love completely I have lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks and that makes me very happy but since I broke my foot a few weeks ago being stupid and kicking the General Lee on accident  and poof the foot broke... It completely sucks and so I go back next week to see if I can take this dang boot off and go back to running..... Then I will completely be super happy.  In the kids lives KN has decided to try out for officer of the Dixie Belles and is very happy about doing the student choreography Contest next weekend she also got the news the other day she is ranked 19th out of 600 in her class.... Mommy and Papa are very proud of her and her very smart brain. AM is loving tennis even if we did have a match the other morning in 28 degree weather... was to cold to even breath..... He is looking forward to playing next year in High school..... KE well she has been having a rough few weeks and we are doing a lot to work on that.... Counseling starts back next week and Volleyball starts in a few weeks... I am praying this will be what she needs so that she can move on and learn to cope with the grief of losing her sister and the divorce and all that stuff......  As far as me well I am enjoying work even with all the crazy stuff and staying busy helps pass the time ........ Until Next Time.... prayers for a safe and happy week for every one and an amazing spring break to all the teachers