Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bye Bye Wisdom

So it is the middle of the week .... Happy Hump Day..... I cant wait till Fridays football game... My BIL is dancing with my daughter at the halftime show..... I am sure this will be completely funny.....BIL is 6'6 and KNG is 4'3 and he says he has 3 left feet.......KNG says he really isn't that bad but isn't great......Still should be side splitting funny.........My week has been full of Craziness...... Wisdom teeth pulled on Friday...lost 3 pounds ........woot woot...... This weekend I slept in a pain killer induced coma.... Luckily Papa was there to feed me and take really good care of me....... Monday on my way to school I got pulled over and got a speeding ticket to find out if he would have known I was a teacher he  wouldn't have given it to me..... Mental note... wear badge when you get pulled over.......My Teacher in class has been out all week so I have had a sub in here and its been crazy..... We have had an Emergency ARD meeting scheduled on Thursday.... which mean crap loads of paper work for me........AMG fell at tennis yesterday and hurt his knee...pretty gnarly looking bloody mess but hes a boy and so that is cool........ KNG has had a pretty good week  So we have made it to Hump day and man I wish it was Friday already...... Here is hoping for a better week next week..... I am determined to start my couch to 5 k on Monday next week and going to buy 30 day shred today .........I think that is all I hope everyone has a great reat of the week and a wonderful weekend

Monday, September 17, 2012

Band Wagon

So I am jumping back on my healthier band wagon today. I have trying to eat better and work out daily except Sundays cause that is my cheat day...... I did really good for a month and then I fell off the band wagon and I have felt like poo since so its time for me to get back on.......I just finished drinking my last Dr. Pepper. I am going to continue to put my food in my food tracker and being honest about what I am putting in my pie hole. C25K starts again this week and I am ready to be a runner.

In other news we had a wonderful weekend A football game.... we won.... barely but we did win.... KN was named Dixie Belle of the week and we are so proud of her. She had an amazing time at the pep rally. I am so happy to see her loving high school.... I hated high school and school in general was very hard for me.

AM got to play with the high school band this week at the football game and they did an awesome job. He is not going to continue to play once he gets in high school but he is enjoying it for now......

KE was quiet this weekend she spent alot of time just being with no homework to do and plenty of time to do nothing but enjoy all the rain we got.... I wish I could find something she liked to other then nothing /...... We need to work on this.....

 We also got Santa list done and had a soccer game for AG and 50th Anniv. celebration at my school that I got to attend as an alumni and staff which was very cool .... got to see a few of my old teachers and principle.... Its awesome to be here on staff ... the place really has not changed much since I was here....

I hope you have all had a great weekend I know I did......

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just an everyday Thursday

Today is just an everyday Thursday in our world.... We are getting ready for a pep rally tomorrow and another exciting football game. We are at our stadium this week which is nice. No traveling this week to other schools. Here are some pictures from last weeks Pep Rally

They had a blast. I am hoping that this week goes as well I am proud of my olddest KN for making the Varsity Drill Team as a freshman. She has also made all of her dances since the start of school.

As for AM he gets to be in the next tennis match as long as we have good weather. KE stated chior this week they are doing the beetles this year which make her so happy. She has gotten to make a lot of new friends this year in chior.
Saturday we are going to AGs soocer game and the 50th Ann. for the middle school I teach at and went to. Its a very special day for our school and I can't wait to be a part of it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend .....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3rd week of school

Well I went from loving my job to hating it 2 days. I have been moved from my job helping kids with learning disabilities and have been moved back to the kids who have EXTREME behavior issues. As much as I love helping these kids this is not something I ever wanted to do on a middle school level. I know GOD has put me here because these kids need my help but, I was totally looking forward to being able to help kids who struggle without ending up bruised daily. As for my kids they are settled in and doing great. We had a really bad football game last friday.... We lost miserabably and I am praying we do better this week. The Dixie Belles And KG did great as always no matter how good or bad the football team is doing..... But we are REBEL fans no matter what... We bleed blue and Gray. As now 2 generations haave been there. We had our first tennis match yesterday AM didnt get to play this week but will next week. KE is having a great week in 5th grade she loves it and her teachers and has made a new friend in her class.  I have still not really been able to get ahold of my lawyer to be able to get all that stuff straight but I will. As for tomorrow I am back to running I have not in 3weeks since school started but I am thinking being in this new class it is going to be my only way to deal with my stress level. .... I am praying everyone has a wonderful week.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New school year

So we have started a new school year. One in High School as a freshman doing drill team. One in middle school playing tennis. Last but not least one in 5th grade doing Choir. We have already been super busy this year with high school football games and are so far 1-0. pretty good start to the year. KNG made Varsity Drill Team so I am sure I will be at every game for the next 4 years until she graduates. AMG is loving tennis this year. He was so happy to have made the team again this year and seems to be doing well adjusting to having MOM on campus with him. KEG is as always my fun loving kiddo she is so excited about being a 5th grader and being the big fish. Choir is going to be awesome since they are doing the Beetles which she loves and is getting super excited about Camp this year( Mommy is really excited as well to be able to go)..... As for me it has been a really good transition from elementary to middle school.Even better to be at the middle school I attended as a kid.... It has been a slow start to the school year for me but seems to be picking up with students who need help. I dearly miss my old school but get emails of them and know I am also missed there. As for Papa he has been working hard as always and is glad he gets to make it to the game this weekend to see KNG dance. It has been a bunch of changes in our lives and waiting for more to come with the court date hopefully being set soon so our lives can get back to normal. Well as normal as they will ever be. Thank goodness I am ok with CRAZY and Papa loves us anyway....