Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3rd week of school

Well I went from loving my job to hating it 2 days. I have been moved from my job helping kids with learning disabilities and have been moved back to the kids who have EXTREME behavior issues. As much as I love helping these kids this is not something I ever wanted to do on a middle school level. I know GOD has put me here because these kids need my help but, I was totally looking forward to being able to help kids who struggle without ending up bruised daily. As for my kids they are settled in and doing great. We had a really bad football game last friday.... We lost miserabably and I am praying we do better this week. The Dixie Belles And KG did great as always no matter how good or bad the football team is doing..... But we are REBEL fans no matter what... We bleed blue and Gray. As now 2 generations haave been there. We had our first tennis match yesterday AM didnt get to play this week but will next week. KE is having a great week in 5th grade she loves it and her teachers and has made a new friend in her class.  I have still not really been able to get ahold of my lawyer to be able to get all that stuff straight but I will. As for tomorrow I am back to running I have not in 3weeks since school started but I am thinking being in this new class it is going to be my only way to deal with my stress level. .... I am praying everyone has a wonderful week.

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