Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New school year

So we have started a new school year. One in High School as a freshman doing drill team. One in middle school playing tennis. Last but not least one in 5th grade doing Choir. We have already been super busy this year with high school football games and are so far 1-0. pretty good start to the year. KNG made Varsity Drill Team so I am sure I will be at every game for the next 4 years until she graduates. AMG is loving tennis this year. He was so happy to have made the team again this year and seems to be doing well adjusting to having MOM on campus with him. KEG is as always my fun loving kiddo she is so excited about being a 5th grader and being the big fish. Choir is going to be awesome since they are doing the Beetles which she loves and is getting super excited about Camp this year( Mommy is really excited as well to be able to go)..... As for me it has been a really good transition from elementary to middle school.Even better to be at the middle school I attended as a kid.... It has been a slow start to the school year for me but seems to be picking up with students who need help. I dearly miss my old school but get emails of them and know I am also missed there. As for Papa he has been working hard as always and is glad he gets to make it to the game this weekend to see KNG dance. It has been a bunch of changes in our lives and waiting for more to come with the court date hopefully being set soon so our lives can get back to normal. Well as normal as they will ever be. Thank goodness I am ok with CRAZY and Papa loves us anyway....

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