Monday, December 17, 2012

Finals Week

As I sit here in my classroom and help all these amazing kids get ready for finals this week my heart is sad and heavy. I have prayed and cried for the families in CT that lost loved ones on Friday. I know first hand the lose of a child can be so overwhelming and completely deplete your soul to the core. I did not lose my child in a tragedy such as this but I do know the feeling of waking up one morning and by the middle of the day your world shattered and you have to go home without your child.I prayed today that we as teachers, parents, and all adults have the ability to let these children who have seen these horrific events are aloud to talk about how  they are feeling and that we have the correct answers that do not make the fear worse. The 23 little souls that went to be with the Lord on Friday are looking down on us.... They are now happy, safe and have no memories of what happened to them. Only we are left to grieve them. We had a very uneventful weekend in our house and the TV was not on very much. My children has school Christmas parties they went to and spent some much needed down time with their friends. It was James birthday on Friday and we went to dinner on a date.. and Saturday we went to my dads house and spent the day with him.I know that on Tuesday the custody papers will be filed and all the other crap will be over. I know that I could care less if I get anything else for CHRISTmas other then my children HOME with me all the time........This week is going to be crazy hectic but Friday my best friend will be here and all will be right in my world.......I pray you all have a Merry CHRISTmas and the Your Santa brings you everything you have been wishing for.......

May peace be with all of us as educators and parents and may we all do everything in our power to keep our kids safe......AMen

Friday, December 7, 2012


We had a wonderful fun filled weekend last weekend and a crazy week of CHRISTmas programs that will continue into next week...... Today at work we had college day and decorated our door.... Most creative won ... I didn't get creative with mine ...we have 3 people in here and 6 colleges between us.... so we did what we could....I would have like the 5 free jeans day ......oh well...... This weekend is full of talent shows and birthday parties and spending some family time........

NRH Tree Lighting

Got our CHRISTmas Tree up

GC loves his daddy

KN first basketball  PEP Rally

KE Christmas Program with KI

Have a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


OMG it was a crazy weekend...... We had 3 CHRISTmas performances that I am glad are all done. We had to be up at 4 in the morning on Saturday... God bless my poor family....We dropped KN off at the high school at 5:30 and then headed downtown to see the parade. It is the first time any of us have ever been to The Children's Medical Center Parade.....  It was really neat to see all the big balloon floats like they do in the Macy's parade.....Papa and I enjoyed it alot and KN had a blast walking the parade..... When we picked her back up from school we had to head straight to AG dance performance and watch her a great video and pictures from it......Then we got to go watch KE sign with her elementary school Choir at our cities Christmas tree lighting..... they did fireworks this year and had Tim Urban there from American Idol which the kids all thought was so cool... I am not an AI fan so I had no clue who he was...... We got home so late but went and had Mexican food for dinner which is my total favorite..... Sunday we decided to have a lazy day and so I did get laundry done so no one had to go to work naked which I am sure everyone is thankful for. We also went to visit Papas stepson  and got to talk to him for a little bit. Other then that Sunday was spent in bed doing nothing. I wish all Sundays could be like that but oh well ....... Monday was a great day I worked out and didn't drink any cokes..... and got in most of my water and got to do the Reproductive System with my 7th graders..... I hate doing the Reproductive System ........Today has been nice and slow so far.....on the Custody battle front he has signed the papers and so praying all this crap will be over soon

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dr. Pepper Anonymous

So I am on day 2 of no Dr Pepper and I really think today I might kill someone before this day is over. I am in a super cranky mood with my students which is totally not like me at all.......I had to go in and change what I was eating today on MFP because the school cafeteria didn't have any baked potatoes so I had a chef salad and only ate the stuff off the top cause the lettuce looked yucky.....I have to work late today so no running will happen today and we have a dang basketball game tonight that doesn't start till 8... I have no clue how long a basketball game even is but I am thinking today its to long...... I never knew that drinking so much Dr Pepper would make me this cranky.... I have sucked down almost 50 oz of water for the day so far which puts me close to my goal of 100 oz a day... I am so tired of being FAT and this time its all or nothing and I am planning on giving it my all......So its time for me to put my big girl panties on and just do it...... So yes I have to work late but I love doing Survival Bunch with my Autistic guys they are the best and love me as much as I love them... I am going to go home and make Tacos which are one of my favorites and even though I have to go to a basketball game at least I get to see KN dance and have a wonderful time with my family..... And tomorrow is a new for the rest of the week should fly by ... praying I can get a run in on Wed and Friday and then KN is dancing in the Adolphus parade in Downtown Dallas I have watched this parade on TV for so many years and this will be the first time I will get to attend it I am thinking is should be so much fun and a new experience.... Then the same afternoon KE is singing in the CHRISTmas tree lighting for the city we live in which is also going to be a lot of fun since we have gone pretty much every year I can remember ..... and my kids love it and so do I. Sunday I am not doing a dang thing but I might try to get a run in which would be nice.....hope you all have an amazing week and we will see how my DPA goes this week ......Hi I am T and I am addicted to Dr Pepper.........Smooches

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our family had a wonderful time with the family I had the whole week off and was able to get a bunch of stuff done.. which makes me very happy and I love being able to be productive. The kids were with their dad this year for Thanksgiving and they went to Oklahoma for a few days and had a great time with their Aunt and Uncle and cousins out there. I was super happy to have them home on Friday so we put up our CHRISTmas Tree and went to the parade of lights in downtown for the 15 year in a row..... We love it and its our family tradition to go and see all the lighted floats and our friends dancing in the parade. We also got to watch AG dance in the pre parade performance.  We spent the rest of the weekend hanging around the house and had a second Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday with the kids so they were able to have some of their favorite things... like mac and cheese and cornbread dressing.... which are also 2 of my favorites... I spent Thursday with my family hanging out at my house and eating lots of yummy food that my mom made... She is the best.... I got some awesome family news that I cant share yet but I will be able to soon.... We are very excited about it...... We also got some bad news in that my ex is refusing to sign the papers that he had said he would sign and so now they wont be getting filed this week and so now I am just praying we will get this crap done before Jan..... That would be nice..... I do not do Black Friday shopping and so I only have a few CHRISTmas things bought so far and so I really need to get my rear in gear and get it done.... I already know what I am getting the kids but have no clue on the HTB and what to get him.... Papa is very hard to buy for and I know he wants things like weights and a bike but I am not sure if I want to do that or not.....I guess I will just have to see what he wants.....  Well I hope you all have a great week and I will be back soon ..... Our first basketball game is tomorrow for KN to dance at...Guess I will have to learn to like basketball.....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Foto Friday

Our homecoming game for the year
 KN sitting with us during the 3rd quarter
 Preforming on the fields at half time
 KN and her Friend ET at the game.....OMG it was cold
 KN and Mrs N ...... Best teacher ever.....We love her
 This is what you look like when you head to walmart the night before a game....Walmart. com anyone
Leaving the field from her first homecoming....It was wonderful we all had a great time other then it was freezing cold that night and now we are back in the 80s the fun things in Texas

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AG Birthday

Today is Nov the 6th which is AG birthday.... She would have been 9 years old today I look back on the last 7 years since she has past and am not sure how I feel like I have been dealing with it. I think I mostly shut down and just don't deal with it. In our super busy lives since her passing I have barely time to do anything much less feel like I have grieved this great lose.  Parents are not suppose to bury their children but sadly it is something I had to do. I hate that my other children have had to struggle with the lose of their sister and that they are not the same happy go lucky kids that they should be. They miss their sister I think even more then they ever even let me know. She is still a daily part of our lives. We talk about her often and she is never far from our minds. I have trouble coming to terms with the fact I am still mad. Mad at her for disobeying me and going outside unsupervised or the fact she had never gone around the pool at all before that day. That if she had not she would be a happy health 3rd grader doing normal things like math and learning to read and write. Also that I would get to see those stunning blue eyes everyday and that fiery red hair and temper that she had... Thought I would never miss that temper but I do.... Hearing her laugh so loudly and playing with her siblings. I know she is in Heaven and one day we will all be together again. Until that day I miss her and love more then words can even express...... everyone tells me that time heals and it does get better but so far it just get worse and harder every year. I hate the way this affects my 3 living children and KE the most. She is so sad most days and tries so hard to be a normal 10 year old but most 10 year old children have not lost their best friend and sister. So this is just a look into a grieving families life....

This is a poem my oldest KN found and it is very true.....

.Her hair was up in a ponytail
her favorite dress tied with a bow
today was daddy's day at school
and she couldn't wait to go
but her mommy tried to tell her
that she probably should stay home
why the kids might not understand
if she went to school alone
but she was not afraid
she knew just what to say
what to tell her classmates
of why he wasn't there today
but still her mother worried
for her to face this day alone
and that is why once again
she tried to keep her daughter home
but the little girl went to school
eager to tell them all
about a dad she never sees
a dad who never calls
there were daddies along the wall in the back for everyone to meet
children squirming impatiently
anxious in their seats
one by one the teacher called
a student from the class
to introduce their daddy,
as seconds slowly passed
at last the teacher called her name
every child turned to stare
each of them was searching a man who wasn't there
she went to the front of the class
as she smiled up at her mom
and looked back at her teacher, who told her to go on
and with hands behind her back
she slowly began to speak
and from out the mouth of a child came words incredibly unique
'my daddy couldn't be here
because he lives so far away
but i know he wishes he could be
since this is such a special day
and though u cannot meet him
i wanted you to know
all about my daddy and how much he loves me so
he loved to tell me story
she taught me to ride my bike
he surprised me with pink roses
and taught me to fly a kite
we used to share fudge sundaes
and ice cream in a cone
and though you cannot see him
I'm not standing here alone
cause my daddy is always with me
even though we are apart
i know because he told me he'll forever be in my heart"
with that her little hand reached up
and lay across her chest
feeling her own heart beat
beneath her favorite dress
and from somewhere in the crowd of dads
her mother stood in tears
proudly watched her daughter
who was wise beyond her years
she finished with a voice so soft
but its message clear and loud...
'i love my daddy very much
hes my shining star
and if he could, he'd be here
..but heavens just too far' her hair was up in a ponytail her favorite dress tied with a bow today was daddy's day at school and she couldn't wait to go but her mommy tried to tell her that she probably should stay home why the kids might not understand if she went to school alone but she was not afraid she knew just what to say what to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today but still her mother worried for her to face this day alone and that is why once again she tried to keep her daughter home but the little girl went to school eager to tell them all about a dad she never sees a dad who never calls there were daddies along the wall in the back for everyone to meet children squirming impatiently anxious in their seats one by one the teacher called a student from the class to introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed at last the teacher called her name every child turned to stare each of them was searching a man who wasn't there she went to the front of the class as she smiled up at her mom and looked back at her teacher, who told her to go on and with hands behind her back she slowly began to speak and from out the mouth of a child came words incredibly unique my daddy couldn't be here because he lives so far away but i know he wishes he could be since this is such a special day and though u cannot meet him I wanted you to know all about my daddy and how much he loves me so he loved to tell me stories he taught me to ride my bike he surprised me with pink rose and taught me to fly a kite we used to share fudge sundae and ice cream in a cone and though you cannot see him I'm not standing here alone cause my daddy is always with me even though we are apart I  know because he told me he'll forever be in my heart"with that her little hand reached up and lay across her chest feeling her own heart beat beneath her favorite dress and from somewhere in the crowd of dads her mother stood in tears proudly watched her daughter who was wise beyond her years she finished with a voice so soft but its message clear and loud...'i love my daddy very much hes my shining star and if he could, he'd be here ..but heavens just too far'

Friday, October 26, 2012

Foto Friday

Here is our week
KN all dressed up for school

Homecoming Parade

Preforming at the parade

How KN lives her life.... Dance above all

Bison at the Fort Worth Nature Center

Horned owl at the Nature Center

Squishes MUM I made

All finidhed

Peace Love and Dixie Belles

Monday, October 22, 2012


Ok so I am from Texas where some MUMs are larger then the kids heads but I dod get KNs made this weekend. It is not huge and that makes me HAPPPY...... We have the homecoming parade tonight and the game on Friday and the dance on Saturday. It is also Red Ribbion week so today is "Team up against drugs" So I am sporting my Rangers stuff.... Tomorrow is wear Red day and also school pictures so I am thinking most of the yearbook is going to be in red..... Wed. is camo day luckily I am off that day  and then Thurs. is nerd day and Friday is super her day ...... Super man here I come... We are also doing CBA testing this week so I forsee a long week for me.... and my kids...... But weekend highlights ....Thursday night game lost of course..... Friday night hung ouot with the fam... didnt get my run in and so I felt like crap.... Sat. we went for a hike at the Fort Worth Nature center and Refuge... was really cool a 2 mile hike with kids, Bison, Alligators, turtles, Prairie dogs, snakes and much fun..... Sunday we went shopping for mum stuff and scrubs for KN to wear to school today.....Got her mum finished so we had a productive kind of weekend.......... I have no clue what days I am going to be able to get my runs in this week but we will figure it out........

Friday, October 19, 2012

Foto Dump Friday

Photo Friday/....... I hope you all have a great weeked
...silly phone

The Rules of my classroom

Our Lazy but wonderful rescue dogs

My nelphew and sister at the football game last night ... we lost but GC loved his animal crackers

How I feel somedays

These 2 little girls were so excited to see the Dixie Belles... KN went over and talked to them and made there day......

It is Pink out day at work...including pink eye shadow ......

Our girls watching the game

KN and her BFF HEEE

 My Dixie Pride

Dixie Pride

AM band concert last night,..... Yes I was super MOM and made it to both the concert and the game

KN at the  Alzhiemers Walk last weekend

Monday, October 15, 2012

Walk to Remember

This weekend we did a Alzheimers walk. It was so much fun to be on the lake walking with our flowers blowing in the air. We had a blast doing it as a family and have decided to do more of them together.

 Friday we had a football Game and got beat really bad....63-7 it was a horrible game but the girls danced really well and their kick line looked awesome.  After the walk on Saturday I think the whole house napped most of the afternoon. On Sunday for my Birthday I didnt do a whole lot of anything other then sit around the house and spend some time with my kids........My sister and her family came over for dinner so we had pizza and a cookie cake...... to much fun. It now the end of my day on Monday and it has been super busy day...... But I have been very productive with paperwork today and not much else. Tomorrow starts out Survival Bunch classes after school.... I am really excited our first lesson is on what Autism is.... and some really cool social skills games. should be fun.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Well we have made it through another week praise the Lord. I have been running around like chicken with my head cut off the last few days at work. Getting ARD stuff ready for a couple of kids and still trying to help the ones who come in my class. feels like I am going 15 different ways and not accomplishing a dang thing. We had a super nonproductive weekend...... I am extremely grateful for....... Friday night was of course FOOTBALL we got our butts kicked by our life long rivals who haven't won a game in like 4 years and they beat us really badly....guess the underdog has to get a win every once in a while.......but no more of them beating us I hope........ Saturday was pretty boring hung out at my aunts house in the man cave for a little bit with my dad who I don't get to see very often and went to Wally World to make one of KN CHRISTmas presents...... she is totally going to love......Sunday the whole house didn't even make it out of our jammies........God bless wonderful days like that.... It was super cold so we made some stew and hung out on the couch. Monday was staff development... our presenter was amazing he talked on differential learning and not putting your students into a mold of what they are or aren't....... Very enlightening...... Tuesday my oldest KN turned 15 ....OMG I can not believe that she is 15 I am very blessed that she is  an AMAZING child and very smart and acts nothing like a typical teenager...... We made her favorite dinner ham, mac and cheese, carrots, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs...... She is carb queen since she dances 100+ hours a week and is still skinny as a bean pole....... All 3 kids had a homework free night last night so it was nice to be able to spend the time as a family. We have a court date set for the 24th of Oct. I am praying this will be the last one and that everything will workout in our favor the kids will be home all the time with me again where they belong and where they want to be. All will be well and like it should..........This weekend is super busy Friday of course is football woohoo fun, Sat we are doing an Alzheimer's walk that the whole fam is doing....... And my little cousin has a birthday party we are going to ........ Sunday is my birthday so I am sure we wont do much ......... I hope all of you have a safe and wonderful week and weekend

Monday, October 1, 2012

Picture dump....

 Family fun weekend

The girls had a blast at the Junior Clinic

Bunch of girls and a bunch of fun

Getting ready to dance

KN and Big David is the tallest KN is the shortest... was pretty funny to watch the dads dance

Football, Cool Weather, Rain and earthquacks

It was a fun and exciting weekend..... Had a football game in the rain... got our rear ends kicked....but the Daddies dance was so funny and a lot of our case it was the uncle dance... but thats ok....KN did a wonderful job dancing with her uncle and they both had a really good time.......It has finally cooled off in Texas I went for a run this morning at 6 am and it was in the 50s..... Totally loving that.....WE had Dixie Beele Junior clinic on Sat. KN and KE had fun dancing with all the other girls .....  was an awesome fun raiser and had a blast and pizza.... I only ate 2 slices and that was it.... Go me...... It rained all weekend ...praise God we needed the rain but could have sone without the earthquakes everyone but me felt.... Which is a good thing cause I would freak if the house started moving...... Other then that it was an amazing weekend .... I got up this morning at 5 and went and ran 2 miles and then came to work and have gotten everything done I need to for the ARD this morning........ Its going to be a  wonderful day........

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bye Bye Wisdom

So it is the middle of the week .... Happy Hump Day..... I cant wait till Fridays football game... My BIL is dancing with my daughter at the halftime show..... I am sure this will be completely funny.....BIL is 6'6 and KNG is 4'3 and he says he has 3 left feet.......KNG says he really isn't that bad but isn't great......Still should be side splitting funny.........My week has been full of Craziness...... Wisdom teeth pulled on Friday...lost 3 pounds ........woot woot...... This weekend I slept in a pain killer induced coma.... Luckily Papa was there to feed me and take really good care of me....... Monday on my way to school I got pulled over and got a speeding ticket to find out if he would have known I was a teacher he  wouldn't have given it to me..... Mental note... wear badge when you get pulled over.......My Teacher in class has been out all week so I have had a sub in here and its been crazy..... We have had an Emergency ARD meeting scheduled on Thursday.... which mean crap loads of paper work for me........AMG fell at tennis yesterday and hurt his knee...pretty gnarly looking bloody mess but hes a boy and so that is cool........ KNG has had a pretty good week  So we have made it to Hump day and man I wish it was Friday already...... Here is hoping for a better week next week..... I am determined to start my couch to 5 k on Monday next week and going to buy 30 day shred today .........I think that is all I hope everyone has a great reat of the week and a wonderful weekend

Monday, September 17, 2012

Band Wagon

So I am jumping back on my healthier band wagon today. I have trying to eat better and work out daily except Sundays cause that is my cheat day...... I did really good for a month and then I fell off the band wagon and I have felt like poo since so its time for me to get back on.......I just finished drinking my last Dr. Pepper. I am going to continue to put my food in my food tracker and being honest about what I am putting in my pie hole. C25K starts again this week and I am ready to be a runner.

In other news we had a wonderful weekend A football game.... we won.... barely but we did win.... KN was named Dixie Belle of the week and we are so proud of her. She had an amazing time at the pep rally. I am so happy to see her loving high school.... I hated high school and school in general was very hard for me.

AM got to play with the high school band this week at the football game and they did an awesome job. He is not going to continue to play once he gets in high school but he is enjoying it for now......

KE was quiet this weekend she spent alot of time just being with no homework to do and plenty of time to do nothing but enjoy all the rain we got.... I wish I could find something she liked to other then nothing /...... We need to work on this.....

 We also got Santa list done and had a soccer game for AG and 50th Anniv. celebration at my school that I got to attend as an alumni and staff which was very cool .... got to see a few of my old teachers and principle.... Its awesome to be here on staff ... the place really has not changed much since I was here....

I hope you have all had a great weekend I know I did......

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just an everyday Thursday

Today is just an everyday Thursday in our world.... We are getting ready for a pep rally tomorrow and another exciting football game. We are at our stadium this week which is nice. No traveling this week to other schools. Here are some pictures from last weeks Pep Rally

They had a blast. I am hoping that this week goes as well I am proud of my olddest KN for making the Varsity Drill Team as a freshman. She has also made all of her dances since the start of school.

As for AM he gets to be in the next tennis match as long as we have good weather. KE stated chior this week they are doing the beetles this year which make her so happy. She has gotten to make a lot of new friends this year in chior.
Saturday we are going to AGs soocer game and the 50th Ann. for the middle school I teach at and went to. Its a very special day for our school and I can't wait to be a part of it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend .....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3rd week of school

Well I went from loving my job to hating it 2 days. I have been moved from my job helping kids with learning disabilities and have been moved back to the kids who have EXTREME behavior issues. As much as I love helping these kids this is not something I ever wanted to do on a middle school level. I know GOD has put me here because these kids need my help but, I was totally looking forward to being able to help kids who struggle without ending up bruised daily. As for my kids they are settled in and doing great. We had a really bad football game last friday.... We lost miserabably and I am praying we do better this week. The Dixie Belles And KG did great as always no matter how good or bad the football team is doing..... But we are REBEL fans no matter what... We bleed blue and Gray. As now 2 generations haave been there. We had our first tennis match yesterday AM didnt get to play this week but will next week. KE is having a great week in 5th grade she loves it and her teachers and has made a new friend in her class.  I have still not really been able to get ahold of my lawyer to be able to get all that stuff straight but I will. As for tomorrow I am back to running I have not in 3weeks since school started but I am thinking being in this new class it is going to be my only way to deal with my stress level. .... I am praying everyone has a wonderful week.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New school year

So we have started a new school year. One in High School as a freshman doing drill team. One in middle school playing tennis. Last but not least one in 5th grade doing Choir. We have already been super busy this year with high school football games and are so far 1-0. pretty good start to the year. KNG made Varsity Drill Team so I am sure I will be at every game for the next 4 years until she graduates. AMG is loving tennis this year. He was so happy to have made the team again this year and seems to be doing well adjusting to having MOM on campus with him. KEG is as always my fun loving kiddo she is so excited about being a 5th grader and being the big fish. Choir is going to be awesome since they are doing the Beetles which she loves and is getting super excited about Camp this year( Mommy is really excited as well to be able to go)..... As for me it has been a really good transition from elementary to middle school.Even better to be at the middle school I attended as a kid.... It has been a slow start to the school year for me but seems to be picking up with students who need help. I dearly miss my old school but get emails of them and know I am also missed there. As for Papa he has been working hard as always and is glad he gets to make it to the game this weekend to see KNG dance. It has been a bunch of changes in our lives and waiting for more to come with the court date hopefully being set soon so our lives can get back to normal. Well as normal as they will ever be. Thank goodness I am ok with CRAZY and Papa loves us anyway....