Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Well we have made it through another week praise the Lord. I have been running around like chicken with my head cut off the last few days at work. Getting ARD stuff ready for a couple of kids and still trying to help the ones who come in my class. feels like I am going 15 different ways and not accomplishing a dang thing. We had a super nonproductive weekend...... I am extremely grateful for....... Friday night was of course FOOTBALL we got our butts kicked by our life long rivals who haven't won a game in like 4 years and they beat us really badly....guess the underdog has to get a win every once in a while.......but no more of them beating us I hope........ Saturday was pretty boring hung out at my aunts house in the man cave for a little bit with my dad who I don't get to see very often and went to Wally World to make one of KN CHRISTmas presents...... she is totally going to love......Sunday the whole house didn't even make it out of our jammies........God bless wonderful days like that.... It was super cold so we made some stew and hung out on the couch. Monday was staff development... our presenter was amazing he talked on differential learning and not putting your students into a mold of what they are or aren't....... Very enlightening...... Tuesday my oldest KN turned 15 ....OMG I can not believe that she is 15 I am very blessed that she is  an AMAZING child and very smart and acts nothing like a typical teenager...... We made her favorite dinner ham, mac and cheese, carrots, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs...... She is carb queen since she dances 100+ hours a week and is still skinny as a bean pole....... All 3 kids had a homework free night last night so it was nice to be able to spend the time as a family. We have a court date set for the 24th of Oct. I am praying this will be the last one and that everything will workout in our favor the kids will be home all the time with me again where they belong and where they want to be. All will be well and like it should..........This weekend is super busy Friday of course is football woohoo fun, Sat we are doing an Alzheimer's walk that the whole fam is doing....... And my little cousin has a birthday party we are going to ........ Sunday is my birthday so I am sure we wont do much ......... I hope all of you have a safe and wonderful week and weekend

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