Monday, October 15, 2012

Walk to Remember

This weekend we did a Alzheimers walk. It was so much fun to be on the lake walking with our flowers blowing in the air. We had a blast doing it as a family and have decided to do more of them together.

 Friday we had a football Game and got beat really bad....63-7 it was a horrible game but the girls danced really well and their kick line looked awesome.  After the walk on Saturday I think the whole house napped most of the afternoon. On Sunday for my Birthday I didnt do a whole lot of anything other then sit around the house and spend some time with my kids........My sister and her family came over for dinner so we had pizza and a cookie cake...... to much fun. It now the end of my day on Monday and it has been super busy day...... But I have been very productive with paperwork today and not much else. Tomorrow starts out Survival Bunch classes after school.... I am really excited our first lesson is on what Autism is.... and some really cool social skills games. should be fun.....

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