Monday, October 22, 2012


Ok so I am from Texas where some MUMs are larger then the kids heads but I dod get KNs made this weekend. It is not huge and that makes me HAPPPY...... We have the homecoming parade tonight and the game on Friday and the dance on Saturday. It is also Red Ribbion week so today is "Team up against drugs" So I am sporting my Rangers stuff.... Tomorrow is wear Red day and also school pictures so I am thinking most of the yearbook is going to be in red..... Wed. is camo day luckily I am off that day  and then Thurs. is nerd day and Friday is super her day ...... Super man here I come... We are also doing CBA testing this week so I forsee a long week for me.... and my kids...... But weekend highlights ....Thursday night game lost of course..... Friday night hung ouot with the fam... didnt get my run in and so I felt like crap.... Sat. we went for a hike at the Fort Worth Nature center and Refuge... was really cool a 2 mile hike with kids, Bison, Alligators, turtles, Prairie dogs, snakes and much fun..... Sunday we went shopping for mum stuff and scrubs for KN to wear to school today.....Got her mum finished so we had a productive kind of weekend.......... I have no clue what days I am going to be able to get my runs in this week but we will figure it out........

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