Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dr. Pepper Anonymous

So I am on day 2 of no Dr Pepper and I really think today I might kill someone before this day is over. I am in a super cranky mood with my students which is totally not like me at all.......I had to go in and change what I was eating today on MFP because the school cafeteria didn't have any baked potatoes so I had a chef salad and only ate the stuff off the top cause the lettuce looked yucky.....I have to work late today so no running will happen today and we have a dang basketball game tonight that doesn't start till 8... I have no clue how long a basketball game even is but I am thinking today its to long...... I never knew that drinking so much Dr Pepper would make me this cranky.... I have sucked down almost 50 oz of water for the day so far which puts me close to my goal of 100 oz a day... I am so tired of being FAT and this time its all or nothing and I am planning on giving it my all......So its time for me to put my big girl panties on and just do it...... So yes I have to work late but I love doing Survival Bunch with my Autistic guys they are the best and love me as much as I love them... I am going to go home and make Tacos which are one of my favorites and even though I have to go to a basketball game at least I get to see KN dance and have a wonderful time with my family..... And tomorrow is a new day.....as for the rest of the week should fly by ... praying I can get a run in on Wed and Friday and then KN is dancing in the Adolphus parade in Downtown Dallas I have watched this parade on TV for so many years and this will be the first time I will get to attend it I am thinking is should be so much fun and a new experience.... Then the same afternoon KE is singing in the CHRISTmas tree lighting for the city we live in which is also going to be a lot of fun since we have gone pretty much every year I can remember ..... and my kids love it and so do I. Sunday I am not doing a dang thing but I might try to get a run in which would be nice.....hope you all have an amazing week and we will see how my DPA goes this week ......Hi I am T and I am addicted to Dr Pepper.........Smooches

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