Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our family had a wonderful time with the family I had the whole week off and was able to get a bunch of stuff done.. which makes me very happy and I love being able to be productive. The kids were with their dad this year for Thanksgiving and they went to Oklahoma for a few days and had a great time with their Aunt and Uncle and cousins out there. I was super happy to have them home on Friday so we put up our CHRISTmas Tree and went to the parade of lights in downtown for the 15 year in a row..... We love it and its our family tradition to go and see all the lighted floats and our friends dancing in the parade. We also got to watch AG dance in the pre parade performance.  We spent the rest of the weekend hanging around the house and had a second Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday with the kids so they were able to have some of their favorite things... like mac and cheese and cornbread dressing.... which are also 2 of my favorites... I spent Thursday with my family hanging out at my house and eating lots of yummy food that my mom made... She is the best.... I got some awesome family news that I cant share yet but I will be able to soon.... We are very excited about it...... We also got some bad news in that my ex is refusing to sign the papers that he had said he would sign and so now they wont be getting filed this week and so now I am just praying we will get this crap done before Jan..... That would be nice..... I do not do Black Friday shopping and so I only have a few CHRISTmas things bought so far and so I really need to get my rear in gear and get it done.... I already know what I am getting the kids but have no clue on the HTB and what to get him.... Papa is very hard to buy for and I know he wants things like weights and a bike but I am not sure if I want to do that or not.....I guess I will just have to see what he wants.....  Well I hope you all have a great week and I will be back soon ..... Our first basketball game is tomorrow for KN to dance at...Guess I will have to learn to like basketball.....

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